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The Experience explorer  "XX" Program

The FUUUN XX Program is designed to let those who take FUUUN to great exposure be able to one this same journey with us.

What is FUUUN?

What is Experience Explorer?

What is EXP.?

FUUUN is a mobility experience that redefines camping cars. Designed by an award-winning experience architect, curated by a Kyoto Zen monk, originated from the base of the beloved mount-Fuji, FUUUN is an experience made for the urban dwellers in dire need for the expanse of nature, which is scientifically proven to improve focus, wellbeing, and overall happiness.

Its minimalist design, integrated IoT technologies, and transformable space bridges the urban environment with nature without sacrificing comfort and convenience. It is a modern interpretation of the quintessential engawa and cha-shitu of the Japanese architecture.

FUUUN is undefined, unattached and unlimited. It’s a ride on the Cloud. It’s FUN!

eXperience eXplorer "XX" is, to say the least, a fun job. As you explore and experience, we would follow your updates in your own channels of distribution,  and we would repost your contents on our channels as well, giving due credit and link back to the origins.

Last but not least, we hope that this would allow you to generate a passive income that could contribute to your journey.

EXP. is a creative collective with the simple mission to Free Life. Believing that we should have the courage and the rights to live our one precious life to the fullest, to create the greatest good for ourselves and the world, our actions are a continuous experiment to bring down artificial walls, overcome disciminations and create a world of sustainable peace. Through spatial experiences, wellness contents, artistic expressions and a borderless community, EXP. is more than a brand, it is a subtle movement that involves the whole of humankind.

XX Partnerships come in 2 Parts

1. Rental Barter program

Influencers can use a fair amount of services to exchange for FUUUN experiences on a barter basis (without any payments). The quantity of services and days of experience is to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Instagram Posts/Stories + YouTube Video + ③Blog Posts

Followers on the highest follower channel = ƒ

Free Day of FUUUN

# of Posts

ƒ < 10,000


10,000 < ƒ < 50,000


50,000 < ƒ < 100,000


100,000 < ƒ


2. Ambassadorn Program

As an ambassador, you get to enjoy 20% off FUUUN booking for your personal / contents production use for up to 2 times in 3 months. On the other hand, you will receive a unique booking-link as well as a referral coupon code which you could share to your audiences.

Margin Share
If a conversion occurs via an influencer post, we will pay 5% of the sales as a commission. 

Referral Coupons
You can share a 5% discount coupon to your fans. When a booking is made with that coupon code, you will receive 2% of the booking price as a commission. The first coupon code we create can be used for 60 times, after which we could issue more on a case-by-case basis.

APPLY NOW お申込はこちら


The FUUUN Riders Plan is an investment for both financial return as well as happiness;
You will own not just your vehicle, but also your business; You will get to choose when you want to use your asset, take it wherever you want, without the burden of maintenance or repeated trips; It may also bring you passive income.

Own not just a vehicle;
Own your business.

FUUUN rides on the double growing trend of vanlife and remote-work – combining to become the uprise of Workation;

FUUUN differs from the existing offerings in the market by having redesigned the experience from the ground up: with exceptional attention of detail to the features that help us enter the flow - for both having fun and getting things done. The integration with Zen meditation also speaks to the growing demand of mindful and minimalist living.

For more details, check out our Design and Experience.

Your Asset,
that doesn't tie you down.

An investment that does not come with an emotional ride...

Your Vehicle, without the burden.

Owning a camping car gives you the freedom to travel to exotic places with your friends and family, whenever you want. Unlike real-estate that needs active management and repeated visits to the same place, a camping car could take you to unseen places every time you travel with it.

A car needs a parking space, car maintenance, car insurance, registration, up-keeping... basically a lot of details that is not much fun.

With the FUUUN Riders Plan, you invest in your vehicle and get 30-days a year of free usage. For the rest of the time, we will take care of your car's parking, registration, insurance, maintenance at cost, and share only part of the revenue as our management service. (actual number depends on location and car type)

Bottomline, you won't have to spend your time keeping up with the car, and the downtime will be paying up for the expenses!

Unlike some other investment products, a camping car is not volatile. True that chances are the car's value will decrease overtime but the enjoyment, the memories created, the passive income, should more than well compensate for the time.

Moreoever, comparing with a sports car, it's an enjoyment for the whole family!

Options + Pricing

All prices in Japanese Yen (JPY)

Early Bird Campaign

20% Off final price for the first 10 Riders.

We are now doing an Early Bird Campaign for the FUUUN Rider's Plan.
All you have do is to put a down payment starting from as little as 1,500,000 JPY before 2021.3.1, and you will get a discount of 20% for the FUUUN of your choice.

Money Back Guaranteed

You can decide to withdraw your investment within the first 14-days. No questions asked.
If you do not get your car within 6 months after the quotation confirmation deposit, that would be our responsibility*.
100% of your money will be given back, guaranteed.
*natural disasters or other uncontrollable factors aside.


Contact us to learn more about the investment plan and enjoy the limited seats!

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Visa Plans

If you are looking for a Japanese Investor Visa, the FUUUN Riders business is well qualified for that.

We are a one-stop shop with experienced partners in offering one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Schedule a time with us to speak further.

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エクスペリエンスエクスプローラー "XX "プログラムについて

FUUUN XX Programは、FUUUNの世界観、魅力を伝えていただく方のためのパートナーシッププログラムです。


Experience Explorer とは?

EXP. とは?



雲に乗ろう-It's FUN!

エクスペリエンス・エクスプローラー "XX "は、魅力的なパートナーシッププログラムです。




EXP.は、「Free Life(人生を自由に)」というシンプルな使命を持つクリエイティブ集団です。







① Instagram



ソーシャルメディアチャンネルでの最大のフォロワー数 (一番多いもの)
例)インスタで5万人、Youtubeで3万人 いる場合は5万人をƒとします。

Free Day of FUUUN


ƒ < 10,000


10,000 < ƒ < 50,000


50,000 < ƒ < 100,000


100,000 < ƒ


2. アンバサダープログラム






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